Bioethanol for fireplaces

Fuel for bio-fireplaces and bioethanol stoves

Bioethanol fuel

It is a denatured ethanol 96° derived from plant raw materials. Produced in Italy, following certified quality standards, it is the best biofuel on the market today for bio-fireplaces and bioethanol stoves.

The following are the main advantages of bioethanol:

  • does not produce smoke and ash;
  • functions without flue;
  • leaves no unpleasant odours or particulates.

Bioethanol 96°is a completely environmentally friendly and enewable source, which is totally safe for our home and health.

Produced from the distillation of biodegradable biomass, it contains no sulphur and thus avoids the emissions of carbon monoxide. It also has excellent heating capacity.

Its embracing flame will illuminate and give your home a magical atmosphere.

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