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supply of thinners and retardants

Locatelli Alcool grew out of expansion of the product range of the Locatelli distilleryin Mapello, whch was founded in 1897.

It is specialised in the sale of pure and denatured Alcohol, Thinners and Solvents and has been on the Lombard market for 40 years, and throughout Italy for 20 years, with 40 sales outlets. It has also been active in Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Russia, Moldova, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Belgium and Ireland for 10 years, in North Africa for 5 years, and in Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, United Arab Emirates and Korea since 2015.

Always attentive to market needs, we supply products using a certified quality system compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and we have been certified
by the FOGRA Institute as far as our solvents for the offset, flexo and gravure printing industriesare concerned. We enjoy successful cooperation with the major "players" thanks to our high quality standards.

Our warehouses, which are about to be expanded to contain 1,000 tonnes of liquids, offer customers a range of Alcohols, Acetones, Acetates, Thinners, Retardants, Solvents, Oils, Glycols and various mixtures (also customised), suitable for meeting demand in the following fields: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Flexo and Gravure Packaging, Graphics, Mechanics, Chemicals, Tanning, Detergency and production of inks, paints and varnishes.

Our operators and laboratory are at the complete disposal of customers. Each shipment of goods is accompanied by sales specifications and certificates of analysis. The logistics managed from our offices and deliveries made directly using our own vehicles allow us to meet orders on time.

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