solvents for graphic arts

Graphic arts studios require a range of chemical products, not only to run the various printing processes, but also for cleaning machines, rotors, presses, and heads.
One of the leading companies in graphic arts suppliesis Locatelli Alcool, based in Sant'Omobono Terme, near Bergamo, who have been selling a wide range of certified chemicals to various industries, including for print and industrial uses, for over 25 years.

The company specialises in pure and denatured alcohol, solvents and mixtures for printing and pure solutions, has extended its operations to cover sales of chemical products across Italy, Europe, and abroad, becoming a partner with the major national and international players.

Certified quality: Why trust Locatelli Alcool?

High quality products that are certified to UNI EN ISO 9002 and Istituto Fogra ('Fogra Institute') standards, and our dedicated, professional service, are the features that have allowed us to operate in this sector for many years, with great success.

Solvents, alcohol mixtures, and cleaners for print heads and plates

There are many print productsand supplies for the graphic arts in Locatelli Alcool's catalogue, including:

  • alcohol, and alcohol mixtures free from Italy's Technical Financial Office restrictions, for transport and warehousing,
  • solvents for cleaning rollersand rubber or latex print plates,

- manual or mechanical cleaning (e.g. Autowash or Locwash) available for different grades of cleaning.
- degreasers for rubber or latex print heads

  • chemical cleaners for plates,

- traditional, strong, and medium non-aromatic cleaners

  • regenerators for rollers and printing machines

- for removal of dried inks
- cleaning of rollers for colour change
- Rigen range for daily or weekly cleaning.


Each solvent or machine for the mechanical printing arts is specifically formulated, be it for cleaning or regeneration of the components.

These are just some of the products handled by this Lombardy-based company, a trusted supplier for many businesses in the graphic arts sector, as well as in other industrial fields.
For the full list, view the catalogue below.


We are always available for personalised advice

Relying on the extensive experience of a company that has been handling bulk sales of graphic art products means being certain of finding the best solution for your every need in this sector.

Contact our technical staff for personalised advice. We will be able to find you the most suitable product for your specific needs.

solvent supplies for graphic arts



  • Pure Isopropanol;
  • Isoloc Solvent 97.3 (97% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 95.05 (92% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 5% H2O) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 90.10 (87% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 10% H2O) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 85.15 (82% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 15% H2O) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 80.20 (77% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 20% H2O) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 75.25 (72% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 25% H2O) *;
  • Isoloc Solvent 75.25 (72% Isopropanol, 3% Isobutanol, 25% H2O) *;
  • Ipaloc Solvent 100 (IPA Technical) *;
  • Ipaloc Solvent 90.10 (IPA Technical + 10% demineralised water) *.

*: Alcoholic mixtures free from UTF constraints for transport and storage.


  • Digital Wash (suitable for cleaning of the Inkjet heads in digital printers, also in large format);
  • Digital Bio Wash (suitable for removal of inks and paints on Inkjet heads in digitalers, water miscible).


  • RMD Autowash (suitable for manual washing of rollers and rubber flash point 35°);
  • Loc Wash D 40 (suitable for manual washing of rollers and rubber flash point 40° deodorised);
  • Loc Idrowash D 60 (suitable for automatic washing of rollers and water miscible rubber flash point 60°);
  • Loc Goldenwash D 60 (suitable for automatic washing of rollers and rubber flash point 60°, water miscible, FOGRA certificate);
  • Loc Wash 69 SP (highly effective washing, suitable for brush washing systems, water miscible);
  • Loc Roller Damp (degreaser for alcohol wettening rubber dispenser).


  • Loc Wash UV “F” (washing of UV inks for small-medium format machines);
  • Loc UV Wash "M" (washing of UV inks for medium-large format machines);
  • Loc UV Rigen Fast (cleaning and regeneration, rapid evaporation).


  • Loc Cleaner HD (cleaner for CTP and traditional plates);
  • Loc Cleaner CTP extra (cleaner for CTP plates free of aromatics);
  • Loc Strong Cleaner (cleaner for very strong plates);
  • Loc New Fargum Combi (cleaner for plates + rubber for storage);
  • Loc Cleaner UV (cleaner for printing plates with UV inks).


  • Loc Gum Plus (natural gum arabic);
  • Loc Synthetic Gum (synthetic rubber for storage);
  • Loc Mash (dent repair).


  • Loc Rigen (rubber regenerator for daily use);
  • Loc Rigen Plus (regenerator for weekly use);
  • Loc Rigen L.O. (low odour medium evaporation regenerator);
  • Loc Rigen Soft (low odour regenerator, does not affect plate diazo);
  • Loc Strip Ink (removal of dry ink);
  • Loc Roller Change (cleaning of rollers for colour change).


  • Loc Developer 1-4 (development plates 1+4 for conventional machines);
  • Loc Developer 1-9 (development plates 1+9 for conventional machines);
  • Loc Developer pronto uso (ready-to-use for conventional machines);
  • Loc Termic Developer 66 (CTP development plates, ready-to-use, self-generating);
  • Loc Gum Matic (gum for developers);
  • Loc Decasol (cleaning product for developers);
  • Loc Eco Matic (emulsion for plate washing).


  • Loc Stabil Fount ADB Plus (wetting additive buffered with IPA use);
  • Loc IPA Stop 3.0 (wetting additive, eliminates isopropanol use);
  • Loc PH Matic (wetting antifoggant for small offset presses);
  • Loc Perfect Fount (wetting additive suitable for reducing isopropanol use).


  • Loc Decal 100 (limescale remover for rollers and rubber);
  • Loc System Cleaner 1/1 (for cleaning wetting systems);
  • Loc Antiossidant (anti-oxidant);
  • Ro Anti Skin (anti-skinner for ink cans);
  • Loc Algastop (anti-algae);
  • Loc Antifoam (anti-foam);
  • Loc Chem R-Lube (lubricant protection for inking rollers without ink).


  • Loc Decal 100 (limescale remover for rollers and rubber);
  • Loc System Cleaner 1/1 (for cleaning wetting systems);
  • Loc Antiossidant (anti-oxidant);
  • Ro Anti Skin (anti-skinner for ink cans);
  • Loc Algastop (anti-algae);
  • Loc Antifoam (anti-foam);
  • Loc Chem R-Lube (protection lubricant for inking rollers without ink);
  • Loc Chain Cleaner 2016 (cleaning of anti-discard chains);
  • Handwashing paste;
  • Hand Washing Cream Gel;
  • Nitrile gloves (measures 8/9/10);
  • Sponges.


  • Acetone;
  • Citric Acid;
  • Demineralised Water;
  • Trichloroethylene;
  • Avio Solvent;
  • Sodium Carbonate.
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