Locatelli Alcool offers the following services

Management, storage and delivery of alcohols, solvents and thinners

Alcohol and solvent delivery

Locatelli Alcool offers a wide range of services, including:

  • "just in time" delivery within 3/4 days of order, for any quantity;
  • storage of all main products in three dedicated warehouses;
  • arrangements for special packaging, with ad hoc labelling, specific packaging, rapidly;
  • logistics for each purchase, with service of information on the status of each delivery and management of the order package on time with rigorous punctuality;
  • financial risk management linked to high volatility of prices;
  • product management, safeguarding the customer in terms of the quality of the goods delivered;
  • identification of manufacturers able to formulate and manufacture products on specific request;
  • definition of fixed prices for long-term contracts;
  • market information with periodic reports;
  • overall management of order from request to delivery, with maximum commitment and responsibility.

To request more information, contact the company's offices in Sant'Omobono Terme, province of Bergamo.

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